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Some thoughts on Coach Tim Floyd
« on: March 13, 2017, 03:49:54 PM »
Here are some random thoughts on Coach Floyd, presented in no particular order:

- One thing that Floyd has done is prove himself to be great at crisis management.  I can think of two seasons where Floyd has done a masterful job of coaching, though in each case it was only for part of the season: 2013-14 and 2016-17.  In the former, the team started the season needing McKenzie Moore to play and play well in order to have any shot at a win.  After he, Crossgile, and Ragland were kicked off of the team in the gambling scandal, it looked like the Miners' season was over.  This seemed especially true as three players were playing out of position - C.J. Cooper (a 2 playing the 1 spot), Julian Washburn (a 3 playing the 2), and Vince Hunter (a 4 playing the 3) - and we had no depth in backcourt, requiring the Jones brothers to join the team.  However, Floyd was able to convince us that a team doesn't really need guards, and made a nice run in conference, turning that season around.  And, of course, we know what happened this season, recovering from a 12 game losing streak, many of those losses against incredibly weak teams, to become one the conference's best teams by season's end.  Other than these two (partial) seasons, can anyone point to me a year that you can say that Floyd proved his worth as a coach?

- Back to this season: the Miners came into this season completely unprepared, and started 2-13 as a result, losing to the likes of NAU, SE Louisiana, and MD Eastern Shore.  At one point they might have been the worst team in Div 1 basketball.  That's on Coach Floyd.  They then went 13-4, earning a top four seed in the conference tournament.  Coach Floyd does, obviously, deserve a lot credit for that turnaround.  So how do we grade his performance for the year?  Well, he finished 15-17.  I don't really think that he should earn a gold star for this season.

- As has been noted in several threads, when Floyd's "cavalry" arrives, we will be oversigned by at least two, and as many as five, players.  And, if I'm not mistaken, he first made his cavalry comment when Adrian Moore was still on the team, which would have made this situation even worse.  This, however, is not a new phenomenon: Floyd has over-recruited every single year that he's been here.  Were you hoping that one of our young guards on the bench might develop over time?  Too bad, they won't be here next season.  They will end up transferring out, by Floyd's design.  Yet, if a guy that Floyd wants keep, say Paul Thomas, were to transfer out, you'd hear Floyd crying about Millenials and the "transfer epidemic", and have some fans bemoaning Floyd's bad luck.  Floyd's issues with transfers isn't the result of an epidemic or rotten luck, but simply the man reaping what he sows.

- Speaking of Floyd's "cavalry": have we seen any source, other than Floyd, that is so high on this class?  I certainly hope that these guys can live up to that billing, but, as with all of Floyd's classes, I am taking a wait-and-see approach.

- Floyd's second half of the season coaching job brought him back in the favor of the administration (with whom he may never have been out of favor) and several of the fans and boosters who were questioning him before he made that run.  This means that his job is safe and secure for at least another year.  Does it deserve to be?  Not in my book.  But I would love for Floyd and the team to prove me wrong.


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Re: Some thoughts on Coach Tim Floyd
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 06:09:57 AM »
I really enjoyed reading this.

Your comments regarding player turnover are the most important.  I simply cannot like a coach who deals with players this way.  It makes any comments about what next year's team will accomplish completely irrelevant - we simply do not know from one year to the next who, exactly, will be on the team.  I cannot buy the argument that this is the way college basketball is now.  It is certainly not the case at the university where I work.

I will say that I am happy for the players - to finish 13-4 after the horrendous start they had does leave a better feeling about the season, even if it ended at 15-17.  Imagine how we'd be feeling if the W-L streaks had been reversed.

We all expect Floyd to be back next year.  While I hope next year will be better, I just can't get myself all worked up about it.



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Re: Some thoughts on Coach Tim Floyd
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2017, 09:54:36 AM »
I also enjoyed reading Maniac's comments.

Many valid points on coaching, but I look at it differently on the recruiting side. Floyd has to over recruit like every single mid major in the country. We are getting the Big 5's scraps and to put something together for us to be successful is hard. Yes, you can put something together to make beat other mid majors, but then you are embarrassed when playing a big program. Floyd is looking at a bigger picture and it is costly. Costly to these kids that don't make the grade, to the fans, & to UTEP. Let's break it down for a moment to see who he keeps and gets rid of. He keeps the talent, but not always. He has been known to chase away talent that doesn't want to work or doesn't believe in the system. (McKenzie Moore, Winn, Bhudda Jones, etc) The thing that is consistent is he keeps those who work hard and buy in the system. They are all not that talented, but they go above and beyond to "try" and make themselves better. (Flaggert, Touchet, Vint, etc). He will also keep talent that has some off court issues, but brings positivity to the team. (Omega, Bohanan, etc).
He will pretty much get rid of anyone that is not buying into the program or won't work at it. If a player is not all in (which happens a lot) then he chases them off. Being all in is the only way you are going to be successful in being a big program. I actually agree with what Floyd does, because he has to account for either the kids that are all in, the kids that don't want to leave home, and the kids teetering on the edge of eligibility. UCLA, Duke, Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas, etc. were not program built overnight. They were lucky to be located in their geographic location, fought to keep the integrity of the programs, and were able to steer clear of mid major status. UTEP and a ton of other programs have not been so lucky and don't have the right people in place to keep the athletic programs strong. (Memphis, Tulsa, Houston, SMU, etc.)

The good thing is that what Floyd is doing works. SMU, Houston, Wichita St, San Diego St, etc are doing it at a crazier level and are successful. Those schools don't want to be left out even though the NCAA works against them. If you want to win, you need to leave traditionalism to the Big 5 and fight against the NCAA while trying to maintain a strong program. If there are ways to compete at the NCAA level when all the talent is going to Big 5 schools, then I'd love to hear it.
Please don't waist your time with great young coaching, because they follow the money to the Big 5. (White, Smart, Manning, Alford, etc.) By the way, those names I mentioned do and did exactly what Floyd is doing. Just ask the ton of transfers in & out of their programs.


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Re: Some thoughts on Coach Tim Floyd
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2017, 10:57:50 PM »
Hire Larry Brown. He's available. Instead of firing Floyd, make him Associate Head Coach. Tim can learn from Larry about his methods on practicing, and tap into better resources for recruiting. In appr. 4 years, when Larry decides to bolt, re-instate Tim to Head Coach & see if any of the LB skills and mentoring has rubbed off on him. That exact scenario is working at SMU. and yes...SPEND THE MONEY