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The Mine / Re: Great video of El Paso landmarks filmed with a drone
« Last post by Dawgma on Today at 08:50:56 PM »
I work with Devin!  That dude!  I see his freaking drone around the building all the time!  Marketing!  Sheesh!
The Mine / Re: Cool Pic...
« Last post by Dawgma on Today at 08:48:01 PM »
My girlfriend's son (an Eagle fan) says that there's little chance Tomlinson will stick with Philly...Damn!

And tonight Showers hasn't taken a snap against Houston.  At least I checked the stats and didn't see any...
The Mine / Re: OT
« Last post by Minermojo on Today at 11:35:50 AM »
I hope you have a boatload of money to live in SD. It's mightily expensive there but I envy you if you can afford it. It is a beautiful place to live.

As for having the personnel to man those sewing machines here in El Paso I doubt that the young'uns of today know how to work one. That business has left the city decades ago. I worked at Mann Manufacturing in 1971 when I was 23 years old and fresh out of the Air Force as a bundle boy. Someone asked me what I did as a bundle boy and I just had to tell him the truth, "metiendo tela y sacando tela".
Not meant to be dirty, ;). My oldest sister retired from Farah's. The women there thought Willie was a god. Ha, ha.
« Last post by EPTAKE5 on Today at 10:01:40 AM »



UTEP standout Autrey Golden on verge of NCAA history with next kick return for touchdown

By Bret Bloomquist @bretbloomquist on Twitter

Major college football history doesn’t often visit UTEP, but literally the moment this season kicks off, it could be seconds away.

Senior Autrey Golden has worn several titles in his Miner tenure. Right now, he’s the No. 1 receiver, but he has made his name as the kickoff returner. The next time he touches the ball in that capacity, he will have a chance to join the most prolific players to do it in the history of the game. And that could happen when the Miners take on Arkansas for their season opener Saturday.

He enters with six career touchdowns — two a year each season — and his next one will put him in a three-way tie for the NCAA FBS (and Conference USA) career mark of seven, shared by Clemson’s C.J. Spiller and Houston’s Tyron Carrier.

“We’re excited he has this opportunity,” coach Sean Kugler said. “The guys on the kickoff return take that personally. They are excited about giving him the chance to break that record.”

“That record would be fun for the whole team, not just him,” said Jimmy Musgrave, a member of the return team. “He’s such a great athlete and there isn’t a person on this team who doesn’t like Autrey. He’s a guy who shows his skills on the field — he doesn’t talk about it, he just does it.”

“Sometimes, it’s a little pressure,” Golden admitted about standing so close to a major record. “I need to make sure I’m still doing enough to be an excellent kickoff returner — studying enough film, catching enough balls, working on it. Yeah, it’s extra pressure.”

Not surprisingly, Golden makes the return game look simpler than that, which presents an interesting contrast to one of his superb predecessors.

The last time the Miners were in Fayetteville, Ark., sophomore Marlon McClure had a spectacular 100-yard return for a touchdown that probably covered closer to 200 yards and was an ESPN SportsCenter top 10 play. Golden’s 100-yard returns cover more like 110 yards — he doesn’t dance or reverse field; he just grabs and goes. In that sense, he’s like his direct predecessor, Vernon Frazier, who also was one of the nation’s elite.

“He’s special,” Kugler said of Golden. “He doesn’t hesitate. He sees the crease, he puts his foot in the ground and goes.”

Actually, Golden says in one respect it is easy.

“It’s the other 10 guys,” he said. “The hardest part for me is just catching the ball and running. The other 10 guys do the hard part. After that, it comes easily for me.”

That statement begins to show his other value to this team, as a respected elder leader. He nominally is an offensive captain, but that title is more a nod to his personality and character.

Golden came to UTEP as a running back recruited by the previous staff, but he’s the type of person Kugler is trying to build around.

“He’s awesome, he has a great sense of humor, all the kids love him,” Kugler said. “He’s conscientious, he’s a hard worker, he represents the team great.”

When Aaron Jones arrived on campus two years ago, the immediate future for the thenredshirt sophomore Golden


UTEP senior Autrey Golden looks to make a move on a defensive player after catching the ball during practice Wednesday at Glory Field. Golden and the Miners are preparing for their season opener Saturday at Arkansas.


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dropping from secondteam tailback to third, but he knew exactly what he needed to do. He struck up an immediate friendship with Jones.

“He took me in,” Jones said. “He’s such a funny guy. If you’re having a bad day, you go find Autrey, he’ll make you happy. I’m so excited to see him get a chance to get this record. When they moved him to receiver, at first, I was upset he wasn’t with us any more.”

The kick return was far and away Golden’s biggest on-field contribution. But in the middle of last season, in his typical spot as a reserve tailback, the coaching staff decided to move him to wideout before the Old Dominion game. He scored two receiving touchdowns in that contest and finished the year with a team-leading 31 catches.

In fact, those receptions account for all but five returning catches in the receiver unit, making his role there much larger.

“He’s improved a ton,” quarterback Mack Leftwich said. “A lot of last year, he was being used mostly as a running back out there, running sweeps. This year, he’s moved outside and he’s done a good job all summer working on his route running.”

“He’s done so many different things for us,” Kugler said. “He’s worked hard to get better at receiver and he gives us speed outside.”

As Golden’s done that work, he’s also had to be the leader for a unit where he’s the only scholarship senior.

“I’m starting to learn what I’m doing. I’m not flying around like a chicken with my head cut off,” Golden said. “I’m a lot more tired every day now, playing all the time. But practice is fun, being on the field so much. There’s one running back. At receiver, there can be as many as four out there.”

Being a leader “is something I’m still getting used to,” Golden said. “People always say people look up to me. That was uncomfortable at first, but I’m getting the hang of it. There used to be older guys around. Now, in the blink of an eye, I’m the older guy. That’s responsibility. I want to set a tradition, I want this program to be great and I want to help set a foundation.”

By all accounts he is.

“He’s the one who makes sure everyone is on topic,” sophomore receiver Autrey Batsen said. “He’s someone we all look up to. He’s extremely funny, but he knows how to get to business while keeping it fun.”

What would be especially fun for his teammates would be getting him an NCAA record, and it could happen at any moment.

Bret Bloomquist may be reached at 546-6359.

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The Mine / Re: OT
« Last post by Chanson on Today at 09:18:01 AM »
This has been going on for a while. Everyone hates the politicos where they live, but Texas has much better government than much of the country.

Especially when you compare it to California. I love San Diego and the wife & I have contemplated moving there. The thing that holds us back is it is in California. How can you support a state that is bankrupt and still taxes the crap out of you and more so the commerce. Plus, there are to many laws that favor the people and not the businesses. That is why all the lawyers are in California.
The Mine / Re: OT
« Last post by zyxwvutsru on Today at 08:48:38 AM »
Ha ha ha, the guy Kim say the kimchi here is bad. No shit sherlock. All Kimchi is bad.  :o
The Mine / Re: C'mon Denizens Get My Back...
« Last post by SisyphusMiner on Today at 07:53:18 AM »
That is always funny.  Some people have a lot of free time on their hands.
The Mine / Re: C'mon Denizens Get My Back...
« Last post by EPTAKE5 on September 02, 2015, 10:46:47 PM »
wow, that takes a lot of work to find those pics!
The Mine / Re: OT
« Last post by colominer on September 02, 2015, 09:45:03 PM »
This has been going on for a while. Everyone hates the politicos where they live, but Texas has much better government than much of the country.
The Mine / Re: C'mon Denizens Get My Back...
« Last post by Chanson on September 02, 2015, 08:27:59 PM »
I don't have time on my hands to get creative like that, but that made me laugh.
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