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The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-24-14 FRIDAY
« Last post by EPTAKE5 on Today at 05:16:14 AM »
2.      UTEP FOOTBALL         UTSA strives to reverse slow start

By Bret Bloomquist @bretbloomquist on Twitter

For four years, UTSA wrote the blueprint on how to build a football program from nothing.

In 2010 they were acquiring workout jerseys from UTEP for a practice season, in 2013 they debuted in Conference USA by closing on a five-game winning streak to reach 7-5.

They started this year as the most veteran program in the FBS, then routed Houston before losing in the final gasps to an Arizona team that is now in the top 20.

No matter how the rest of this season goes, the Roadrunners are a model for every future startup.

That kind of success, though, beats a path to new territory. It leads to expectations, and at times that can reveal a more difficult reality. Reality for UTSA is losing five of its last six games, a slump brought on by injuries at quarterback as they look to replace the one big-name starter they lost from last year, face-ofthe- franchise Eric Soza.

“There were expectations, maybe unrealistic expectations,” said Larry Coker, the only coach the program has ever had. “We lost an outstanding quarterback and expectations probably were unrealistic. But we do have a lot of veterans, they understand what it’s going to take to get it turned around.”

“We set even higher expectations inside the team,” said star defensive end Robert Singletary, a native El Pasoan who moved to Houston after sixth grade. “The outside expectations don’t mean anything to us. We set our goals and we can still accomplish them.”

Indeed, the current 2-5 record matches where they were a year ago, when because of NCAA rules regarding start-up programs, they were still ineligible for a bowl following the five-game winning streak.

Getting hot this year certainly is a possibility if UTSA can sort out the quarterback situation because its defense is playing well. In a 27-20 loss to Louisiana Tech last week brought on by a deluge of third-quarter turnovers, including a Bulldogs defensive touchdown, the Roadrunners out-rushed and out-passed La. Tech but couldn’t overcome a 21-0 third quarter.

“They had 27 points and 24 of them came off our turnovers,” Coker said. “You have no chance to beat anybody that way. I don’t think anybody can. That was just unacceptable. We’ve got to get it corrected. It’s not easy right now.

“You know, our quarterback doesn’t have much experience, but the third quarter was a disaster for us. What’s amazing to me is as poorly as we played offensively with the turnovers, we were inside the 30-yard line late in the game with a chance to win or tie the game. You know, that’s amazing.”

It’s left Coker quite proud of a defense that hasn’t wilted against adversity.

“They play hard like that and
play well and don’t win,” Coker said. “That’s a tough call. They could say, ‘Why even try? Whatever we do is not going to be good enough?’ “I think, defensively, it says a lot about the char­acter of our defense. We have a lot to play for yet, but again we’ve got to make sure we keep on playing and that’s the thing that’s hard.”

Singletary said that’s be­cause they can see brighter days coming.

“We’ve had some bad breaks and some injuries, but it’s a long season and we can’t dwell on it,” said Sin­gletary, who lived on base at Fort Bliss when he was in El Paso. “We have to move on, that’s all we can do. I do believe we are pretty close to being the team we were against Houston. We have a couple of injured guys com­ing back and that will help.”

The issue is at quarter­back. Tucker Carter began the year and played solidly, but injured his shoulder. He threw three passes against La. Tech and could see ac­tion this week but is lim­ited.

His backup, true fresh­man Blake Bogenschutz, broke his hand in a victory against Florida Interna­tional and freshman Aus­tin Robinson responded well in relief, but strug­gled last week. His fumbled snap led to a Bulldog touch­down and he had two inter­ceptions.

“Austin Robinson is our starter right now,” Coker said. “We’ll see how Tucker responds this week. We’ve got to have someone back there. Quarterback is such an important position. Aus­tin has done a good job, he’s just young. ...

“I think he can play bet­ter from the standpoint of the experience part of it. That’s the big thing for him right now. He’s just got to get comfortable with the experience, making the checks and reading the de­fenses for us, and also rec­ognizing coverages.

“For where he is in his career, I think he played pretty well for us all in all. He’s just got to protect the ball a little better.”

When UTSA does that, it can be a formidable foot­ball team. When it doesn’t, it can lose to New Mexico. That’s where this new pro­gram stands as it gets ready to host UTEP. Bret Bloomquist may be reached at 546-6359.

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The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-20-14 MONDAY
« Last post by liebestraum on Today at 05:07:43 AM »
Must listen to Pod Cast.

The fellas from Miner Rush got Asst. Coach Ken Deweese about 10min into the cast. I did not know Ken's dad was here at UTEP and had direct ties to Haskins.

Go Miners

I was confused when I first heard that Floyd had hired Deweese, because I thought it WAS the father he'd hired.  Back when I was in instructor at UTEP, I met the elder Deweese on a couple of occasions because I had two basketball players in my pre-calc class and he was charged with keeping tabs on their academic progress.

The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-20-14 MONDAY
« Last post by liebestraum on Today at 05:04:02 AM »
This puts me to think about a quotation from Karl Gauss, who was a mathematician and linguist and had a habit of saying pithy short things because that's the way he wrote.  Short and to the point.  No beating around the bush for him.

So, he said pauca sed matura which is Latin dontchaknow.  It is on his gravestone (or at least that's the story I've heard, never having seen his grave personally in person).  Anyway, it means "few, but ripe."  And it referred to the terse, condensed, and sparse prose in his mathematical proofs.

It is for this reason I have always tried to stamp out and eliminate repetition and redundancy in my prose writing.

Sincerely with best regards, I am yours truly,

The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-20-14 MONDAY
« Last post by SisyphusMiner on Today at 04:20:19 AM »
I understand what you're saying -- you have made yourself abundantly clear. I was just amused at how a random comment about marijuana suddenly turned into another theological rant.
The Mine / Re: SG Chris White signed up for 2015
« Last post by SisyphusMiner on Today at 04:15:03 AM »
Actually I was serious.  But surely you have more than limericks in your arsenal.
The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-23-14 THUR
« Last post by SisyphusMiner on Today at 04:13:06 AM »
I don't know that we could afford the security we would need to protect the burro's backside at Aggie games.
The Mine / EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-24-14 FRIDAY
« Last post by EPTAKE5 on Today at 01:27:05 AM »
1.                                   LOOKIN' GOOD FOR SUNDAY! 

     Sometimes the stars align for you,  and I got off to a great start Thursday night!  The line up
  below is on FanDuel and has a total guaranteed prize pool of $50,000.00.
                                When the moon is in the Seventh House
                                And Jupiter aligns with Mars
$50K Thu NFL Snap
LIVE IN PLAY Started 8:25pm ET 10/23

    Multiplayer league (28735 entries)
    Entry: $2
    $50,000.00 Prize Pool

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    1st: $5000
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    3rd: $1500
    4th: $1000
    5th: $800
    6th: $600
    7th: $500
    8th: $400
    9th-10th: $300
    etc. etc And the payoff continues down to 4926th place with  $5.00 payout.   

   52.6    $5.00

24 Quarters remaining
Carson Palmer
PHI @ ARI 4:05pm

Travaris Cadet
GB @ NO 8:30pm

Le'Veon Bell
IND @ PIT 4:25pm

Demaryius Thomas
SD 21 @ DEN 35 FINAL

    8 Re
    105 ReY

Emmanuel Sanders
SD 21 @ DEN 35 FINAL

    6 RuY
    9 Re
    120 ReY
    3 ReTD

Allen Robinson
MIA @ JAC 1:00pm

Delanie Walker
HOU @ TEN 1:00pm

Nick Novak
SD 21 @ DEN 35 FINAL

    3 XP

Houston Texans
HOU @ TEN 1:00pm
The Mine / Re: Paul Thomas commits...
« Last post by chanson on Today at 12:43:03 AM »
Great find Haskins Fan, but we have been talking about his commitment for about a month now.

It still is worth getting excited for all over again though. You might want to catch up on this kid. We posted some good videos and info on him. I do have to say that no LOI has been signed as of yet. At least no proof has come up.

Go Miners
The Mine / Paul Thomas commits...
« Last post by Haskins Fan on October 23, 2014, 11:08:19 PM »
The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 10-23-14 THUR
« Last post by NineteenRabbit on October 23, 2014, 10:08:50 PM »
(sigh) I wished Nebraska would sue UTEP over Paydirt Pete's paper mache head, and then they changed Herbie Husker to a cartoon character type and left us with only the second most despicable mascot on the planet.

Here's my suggestion: We get a burro, see, and load him up with sluicing pans  and a coffee pot and some other miner paraphanalia with, of course, a pickax on top, and get a student dressed up as a sourdough miner to lead him around. The burro would be named Paydirt Pete, not the student, and could be taught to bray when the team scored a touchdown! Some fun, eh? ...It'll never happen. The Deciders of Frivoles Matters at UTEP would rather have a human ass-in-an expressionless-paper-head confront to the collected fans of the adversary, rudely slapping at his proffered backside with a fake pick. What Aggie-crude nonesense! What a fucking bore!

Instead: Announcer "...and here comes bedlam's ass, Miner fans--old Paydirt Pete himself! Give him a welcoming honk and a whistle: Okay--ready? One...Two ...Three! HeeHaw!"

Holy equine halitosis, Denizens! The possibilities are endless!

Oh, well....

Fire in the hole!


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