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The Mine / Re: Finally i will be station in Ft Bliss
« Last post by Minermojo on Today at 06:53:54 PM »
Congrats on coming home. I live on the east side around Americas h.s. and there's some nice apartment complexes all around. It's a little crowded but south of the freeway is worst. Nice houses cropping up all over. We'll sell you ours if you want. J/K
The Mine / Re: La Raspa and the Alligator
« Last post by kyyote on Today at 04:40:01 PM »
Big News

Before Elisabelth and Grampa could slide off of the emus, Terrie was running to greet them, shouting about the big news.  While they had been out getting the camels to come help, news had come that the American Ranching and Farming Association   was going to host the National Rodeo Championships and Exposition right here!  The sleepy town had become as excited as a bus full of bathing beauties headed to a breast enhancement surgeons' convention at Waikiki.

There would be all kinds of events to enter and win ribbons, cups, trophies and most of all perhaps bragging rights.  The town was a town of very hard working people who spent most of their days in nearly unbearable heat, scratching a living out of the caliche rock and sand, the mesquite and prickly pears.  At the end of most days, most of the townspeople were ready for a meal, a few deep breaths, and a good night's sleep to prepare them for the next day's struggle.  Entertainment usually involved watching one or more of the family performing or competing in some sporting event sanctioned by the child's school.  But that would change with the coming of the rodeo and exposition.  The biggest news of all was the announcement that a local brewery would be putting up a ten thousand dollar cash prize to the winner of the Great Freight Wagon Race.
The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 8-19-14
« Last post by SisyphusMiner on Today at 02:30:06 PM »
It's kind of funny too, because if I had been able to dunk I don't know that I'd have ever shot anything else...
The Mine / Re: Finally i will be station in Ft Bliss
« Last post by cvo30 on Today at 11:15:20 AM »
Thanks to Everyone for the Advise. Since i been moving for 15 yrs in the military my kids have had different life style. I just hope that they get adjusted to living in El Paso. An Hopefully next yr i can make it to the tail gates and enjoy the games with you guys.
The Mine / Re: EPTAKE5's SHORT TAKES 8-20-14 WED
« Last post by chanson on Today at 11:05:23 AM »
You mean feed them bottom feeder crap.
The Mine / Re: Finally i will be station in Ft Bliss
« Last post by chanson on Today at 11:03:37 AM »
All school districts are good in El Paso. When I was growing up, there was very little family participation, but the landscape has changed for the better. Now both parents work and BOTH parents are involved with the schools. Because of the involvment, parents are quick to point out the crapy teachers and they are eventually weeded out or start taking pride in what they do. Ronstr is right in that the east side is packed like a bunch of sardines, but there is more to do. The west side is a little more laid back with little, but growing number of gem restraunts popping up. the lower valley used to be very rural, but that has changed. Gang activity has dropped since I was little and I feel safe walking anywhere in town. Depending on how long you will be here, I would rent a place out  with no more than a 6mo time frame and give yourself a few months to scope out the area. I would encourage you to not do Santa Teresa NM. The living is great, but the school is terrible. Most OK income families out there do private schools.
The Mine / Re: Finally i will be station in Ft Bliss
« Last post by utep2step on Today at 09:18:40 AM »
East and West sides of town are good. Nice pockets in Central and N.East. I'm a West sider, but East is where all the activity is. While all towns have bad parts, El Paso has few.

The weather is great and the food is off the charts
The people kick ass while the Miner fans have inherent smarts
Be not the one to come with hate and sass, for I’ll be the 1st
To say “go back home and don’t let the door hit you on the ass”
On you this place will grow if you open up to this rich culture
The cool nights, the short winters and the for ever blue skies of beauty and wonderment

That is my El Paso. Welcome

Eastside? I work in (residential) real estate and feel the westside has more attractions.  New areas in Clint, Socorro and San Eli if you want the best of both worlds, small town Ag life but 10 minutes to the big city. A lot of military have been moving in there for years.
The Mine / Re: OPT : UTEP 35 UNM 20
« Last post by ATL-Miner on Today at 09:02:52 AM »
Miners 27
Lobos  20
The Mine / Re: Finally i will be station in Ft Bliss
« Last post by zyxwvutsru on Today at 08:29:11 AM »
Schools shouldn't be an issue, with EPISD following suit with YISD and SISD in allowing open enrollment across boundries in most cases.  At last that is what i was lead to believe. 

The Mine / Re: Finally i will be station in Ft Bliss
« Last post by Ronstr on Today at 07:28:44 AM »
Welcome back bud...

Honestly, the east side is a mess. So many damn people...nucking futz....Sure, a LOT going on there, but as for day to day living, no chance I would want to live there.
Most affordable and easiest access to Ft Bliss is northeast. But there isn't didly there and when you want to shop, you have to travel. (I for one don't mind it)
West is where I would suggest for overall best location. It is exploding with new homes near trans mountain. Stores galore. Canutillo is a good school from what I'm hearing. Pretty quick jump over the mountain to Ft Bliss. Can't really go wrong with Coronado either. Franklin, on the other hand, has a bazillion kids and they are having a hard time with control, etc...
Kern area is still awesome....

Since it's been forever since you've been here, let me give you a visual...Horizon is almost in El Paso now...
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