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October 06, 2015, 12:39:41 PM by kuhlero | Views: 82 | Comments: 6

US 12
October 06, 2015, 09:28:07 AM by EPTAKE5
Views: 170 | Comments: 5

Matt Willms ‏@m_willms4 10h10 hours ago

I'll be ready to go by season!
October 01, 2015, 06:40:46 PM by kyyote
Views: 117 | Comments: 0

I was wondering what the team might do even with Kugler pretty much sticking to his guns to change the difficultly it seems to be having to start this year.  Like, what would I like to see with Kugler still pretty much sticking to the power run game.  Let me start where it begins-with the offensive line.  The one position on the entire football team that I think is the heart of the team and in fact a reflection of Kugler and in return Kugler's heart is the offensive line.  Not only do I think this is basically Kugler, you can start with it is going to be prepared, will be trying in a single-minded way to impose their will, may not be open to change readily, strong, strong willed and determined.  Straight up man to man, my guess is the men on the line would hold up pretty well in any measure of strength, agility and skills against most anyone else's team.  So, I am going to assume that Kugler will of course continue to run.  He has said as much.  So, let's say we get the ball first.  I think Coker is into power running himself, I think he will play to stop the run and dare the pass.  When I say pass, I mean downfield at least 10 yards. Here it is.  I don't know.  I don't care.  But, I want to somewhere along the line, especially if we aren't able to run at will, I want to see us throw a pass. And, because it is my dream, the offense has some success.  It doesn't turn into a monster, but it takes of the appearance of a normal team.  Because the Miners offense moves the ball, they score a bit more.  But, the defense spends more time on the field.  But, a strange thing happens.  The defense seeing an offense willing to a) take a chance on their own offensive teammates, and b) take a chance on their defense, gets all puffed up and makes some stops.  Remember, the feathered rats aren't that damned tough, and they shoot themselves in the foot on a pretty regular basis.  So, the defense sees the field for an extra 5 minutes, and that extra 5 minutes is responsible for 14 points.  But, the Miners' offense, is able to keep three drives alive that would have stalled.  The game is decided by the extra touchdown.  But, the real silver lining is that the defense discovers that the offense has gotten a brain, and if finds its heart!
September 28, 2015, 12:26:03 PM by Minerbball4life | Views: 524 | Comments: 19

Hoping for the best, but just don't see it this week.


September 27, 2015, 09:22:36 PM by stanman505 | Views: 716 | Comments: 11

Here is the link from Miner Rush.

He had a good game in the loss to Americas on Friday night.
Rushing 6 carries for 82 yards and 1 TD
Receiving: 6 for 143 yards and 2 TDs

You can watch his junior year highlights on the following link:

He plays a number of positions: Receiver, running back, quarterback and defensive back.  Possible the best athlete to come out of Eastwood in the past 20 years.  I will talk to him about his commitment sometime this week.
September 24, 2015, 08:11:44 AM by EPTAKE5
Views: 577 | Comments: 9

UTEP football

QB Metz just needed his chance

Third-teamer’s comeback performance against New Mexico St. didn’t surprise teammates



Paradoxically, perhaps the most stunning aspect of the wild comeback Ryan Metz engineered against New Mexico State on Saturday night was how little it surprised everyone in the UTEP locker room.

To the average Miner fan, Metz came out of almost nowhere, a third-teamer who seemed headed for oblivion until injuries thrust him into a desperate situation. The average Miner fan was probably asking two questions: Who is Ryan Metz and why was he third team?

To the players and coaches who started learning about the Andress alum in the spring of 2014 when he arrived after a fall grayshirt, everything that happened Saturday — shrugging off an interception, completing 15 of his last 18 passes, engineering four dramatic drives including a 98-yarder that began at the 2:01 mark with no timeouts and down seven points — was almost destined. He lead UTEP to a 50 to 47 win at NMSU.

The freshman Metz, the new Conference USA leader in passing efficiency, is now the starter heading into Saturday’s home opener with Incarnate Word, and this was all a story of opportunity slamming right into preparation.

“He always wowed me with his competitiveness,” coach Sean Kugler said. “He’s got a strong belief, that comes from his faith. He believes in what he is doing, he has a knack of getting other people around him to believe. That’s the sign of a great quarterback.

“I’ll be straight with you, there’s going to be growing pains. It’s not all going to look like it did in the last two minutes last week, but he learns from his mistakes, he takes coaching, he’s a very smart kid, I love his attitude. I’d take 100 Ryan Metzs.”

Receiver Tyler Batson said the same thing about Metz.

“I wasn’t surprised, that’s what he always does at practice, every time he gets the opportunity he makes plays,” Batson said. “I knew he would lead us. He’s very poised, very positive. He can mess up 100 times, he’ll forget that and bounce back.”

The praise his teammates have from him all touches on the same point.

See METZ, Page 2C

“He has a knack of getting other people around him to believe. That’s the sign of a great quarterback.”



Article Continued Below
See METZ on Page C02


Continued from Page 1C

“He was poised, he was calm, he showed great leadership,” said Cole Freytag, a Coronado alum who became the first El Pasoan to catch a touchdown pass from an El Pasoan since 1975. “Even after the pick-6, his first time in actual action, a lot of quarterbacks couldn’t have responded.

“But he’s poised, he’s a great leader. He’s a winner.”

Tight end Cedrick Lang, who caught the game-winner, said Metz was great.

“When he threw that pick-6, he just said to stay behind him and we’ll win this thing,” Lang said. “He was so confident in the huddle.”

“After that pick-6, he had the mentality to overcome it,” guard Will Hernandez said. “I always expect Metz to do something like that. All he needed was a chance.”

What was a given was that when Metz got the chance, which came on a camp ankle injury to backup Garrett Simpson then a concussion to starter Mack Leftwich on Saturday, he’d be ready.

Metz looks like a quarterback, but more importantly he’s always conducted himself like one. His calm demeanor, his attention to detail, his relentless preparation and his competitive drive always had him pointed in the right direction, even when opportunity seemed so far away.

He’s the player who always shakes hand with reporters and cameramen who talk to him. He’s the one who addresses everyone a few years older than him as “ma’am and sir.” He’s the one in the post-game interview talking about how great his teammates and coaches are.

Metz, a civil engineering major, is the one who always says the right thing, not out of some calculation, but out of an instinct that speaks of a natural leader.

“I treat every week like I might be put in there,” Metz said. “Last week I didn’t get that many reps, but coach told me to get mental reps. I treat every week like I’m going to be the starter.”

As for the way he behaved in the huddle, when his poise spread all over the team, he said that was part of his job.

“I’m nervous, ever since I was really little I’ve been nervous,” Metz said. “But you can’t freak out, the offensive line looks up to you. When they are looking in your eyes, you can’t freak out, you just have to be calm.

“Everybody looks to the quarterback, if the quarterback is calm, they’re calm. If the quarterback panics, they panic.”

That he was demoted from a threeway battle to third team in spring was baffling to practice observers, but Kugler always said the job was about more than statistics. Metz’s issues were typical of a freshman, mostly getting players lined up properly and getting the snap off before the play clock ran out. Now, when it seems so obvious he provides a playmaking dimension that was absent, he defends his spring demotion.

“I didn’t have the best start, I had my shot with the ones and I didn’t produce,” he said. “That was something coach Kugler was right in doing. I just didn’t get it done. I wasn’t mad, it was the right call. I learned from it, I quit pressuring myself too much.”

That meant he had to be patient and wait for his chance, but in a sense he had been waiting all his life to be a UTEP quarterback. His parents took him to games from his youngest years and he grew up wanting to be the next Jordan Palmer, the mid-2000s quarterback who is now on UTEP’s all-time team.

Metz, the grandson of famous El Paso historian Leon Metz, committed to UTEP under former coach Mike Price, and after Price retired, Metz never budged or hedged on that commitment. He had given his word to the university and that’s always where his heart was. Now he’ll start a game in the Sun Bowl.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream this,” Metz said. “I just didn’t expect it to come this early.”

Even though the situation that gave him that chance was terrible, his teammates are happy for him.

“He’s always positive,” receiver Autrey Golden said. “He’s the type, if you’re having a bad day, everyone looks for Metz because he’ll get you going.”

“He got a great opportunity and he ran with it,” Kugler said. “The thing is he was strong on the sideline, he had a belief he was going to get it done.”

That finally paid off.

Bret Bloomquist may be reached at 546-6151;;@bretbloomquist on Twitter.

Copyright (c)2015 elpasotimes, Edition 09/24/2015
September 22, 2015, 08:57:43 PM by Chanson
Views: 449 | Comments: 18

38-20 Miners
September 22, 2015, 07:10:33 AM by EPTAKE5
Views: 372 | Comments: 7

UTEP Football

Metz to start at QB

Leftwich sidelined by concussion



The UTEP football team isn’t going to change its big picture because a pair of two-minute drills looked so fabulous in the dying moments of Saturday’s 50-47 overtime victory against New Mexico State.

The Miners are still going to be built around power running as they move forward to their first home game Saturday against Incarnate Word. The offense is going to be conservative, the coach said.

It is also going to be led by Ryan Metz for an extended stretch, coach Sean Kugler revealed at his Monday press conference, and it is going to stretch the field more to wide receivers than the Miners did in the two and games under previous starter Mack Leftwich.

Leftwich’s concussion is rated as severe and could sideline him for up to a month. At the moment he isn’t allowed to attend classes.

“Ryan Metz is our starter, Mack Leftwich is going to be out an extended period of time,” Kugler said. “I like this group of wide receivers, we’re starting to develop more trust in them. We’re becoming more balanced offensively, I want it to be 50-50 run-pass. We have five very capable receivers and the quarterbacks are developing trust in those guys.

“I’ll be happy if we go out there and it’s 50-50. We have to be balanced, we have to push the ball downfield. I’m more pleased with this group of receivers than any group we’ve had since I’ve been here.” He’s also quite pleased with Metz, who was spectacular against New Mexico State and now will have a chance to put a stamp on this offense. After opening his game with an interception that was returned for a touchdown, he completed 15 of his last 18 passes with three touchdowns plus a touchdown run and now leads Conference USA in passing efficiency.

“That interception, the pick-6 to the house, I admire the young man, it didn’t phase him one bit,” Kugler said. “It would rattle a lot of quarterbacks, not just one playing for the first time. ...

“He’s an unbelievable person. The kid remains focused all the time, I knew when he got the opportunity he would shine. He believes in himself, his teammates believe in him. He has an unbeatable will. A lot of professional quarter­

See METZ, Page 2C

UTEP freshman quarterback Ryan Metz will start Satuday's game. He led the Miners to an overtime win at NMSU last Saturday.


Article Continued Below
See METZ on Page C02


Continued from Page 1C

back would struggle in that situation, 99 yards, no timeouts.

“I mentioned after the game he called his own plays. We coach them up on what to look for. In that situation we don’t have time to call in plays. We put it on the quarterback and he was flawless. “He’s a smart young man, he executed it perfectly.”

Kugler noted that the play Metz tied the game on, a quarterback draw with 42 seconds left, is not something UTEP regularly does.

“On his rolodex it’s still up there,” Kugler said. “The guys in the huddle were looking at him, ‘For real?’ What a call.”

As for the game-winner in overtime, “If you had told me the game-winning pass against New Mexico State would be a pass from Ryan Metz to Cedrick Lang, I would have said, ‘Hey what?’” Kugler said. “I can’t tell you how excited I am for Cedrick Lang. He’s become a big part of the team.”

The other thing he’s excited about his a home game. UTEP is the only team in America that hasn’t played in its home stadium yet, something it will finally do against Incarnate Word.

The Cardinals are in their seventh season of football, the second since moving up to the FCS from Division II. The Southland Conference team is 2-1.

“I’m excited to be coming back to the Sun Bowl,” Kugler said. “We’re expecting great weather, we’re expecting a great crowd, we’re excited to be home, we’re energized by the win. Our kids are energized, they saw the fight in themselves. Sometimes you’ve got to go through that to know you have it. I can’t say enough how proud I am of this team.”

UTEP fans will finally get to see that Saturday in the Sun Bowl.

Bret Bloomquist may be reached at 546-6151;;@bretbloomquist on Twitter.

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Copyright (c)2015 elpasotimes, Edition 09/22/2015
September 21, 2015, 11:31:55 PM by kyyote
Views: 293 | Comments: 2

In the Miners first game of the season, the Miners had a tough time with the 18th ranked team(at the time) in the country.  We were left in shock at the Hogs using the pass to light the Miners up, The running was no surprise.  Then, Texas Tech ran, passed, did pretty much what they wanted.  The defense had shown the ability to give up big plays surrounded by lots of smaller pretty good sized plays.  The offense had been what we had come to expect.  The team was able to run a bit, even against the two big boys.  But the big plays and high scores allowed had left us shocked.  Then, the hated aggies were just lighting us up, and that was the last straw.  The team was one dimensional on offense, and the defense seemed to be visible but appeared to be holographs being projected onto the field, easily run through, and without any ability to tackle or break up passes.

As the aggies were administering a shellacking they got carried away, and put the Miner's starting quarterback out of the game.  The Miners had been able to do alright even without Jones on the ground.  Then Metz came in and wrote his own chapter in the history of the rivalry and Miners football.

I say things may be better than they look.  The Hogs got beat by Toledo.  Well, just between you, me, and the goalposts the Toledo team is one of those MAC teams.  The big 10 rejects that are out to show everyone they should have been playing for Ohio State.  And their specialty is playing hard nosed football-you know, the kind of football the Hogs were supposed to like.  Toledo out bullied the bullies.  There are those who see it as the Hogs lost to a MAC team.. I see it as a Mac team beat the Hogs.  Wait and see if the season doesn't show us why.  Then, TT lit up the Hogs just about as bad as they lit us up.  Point being that what we thought was insanely ridiculous to our defense, they were doing much the same to Arkansas' defense too. 

So, the fact that we had lost the two games was not all that bad, and the way it had happened which is what had made it seem so bad, perhaps it wasn't just us.  But, the damned aggies!?  The worst team in football!?  Well, I didn't want to admit it, and it still pains me a little to say it, but the damned aggie bastards that were moving the ball at will against us?  Those aggies?  Well, here is the shocker, the are like the 30 something ranked offense in the country.  Much of that is because the padded their stats against the Miners-or it just may be that against normal competition they will once again be a team capable of putting up big numbers of offensive yards.  I think the latter will turn out to be true.

So, on defense, which despite the frustration of going into battle seemingly intent on fighting with just one hand on offense, was the biggest problem, I think the defense may be better than it has appeared.  Let's face it, it would be hard to look any worse.  I think we will end up finding that our defense did not disappear since last year.  Against our normal foes, it will probably be what it has been-not good, no, not good, but not the crazy worthless it has seemed to be.  Here is the even better news.  Kugler announced that Metz will be starting as of now.  If, they allow him to get the ball vertically downfield just a little, it will improve the chances of being able to keep up with scoring, but I believe the drives it will allow to continue will make up for the time of possession lost, and in so doing allow the defense to stay off the field just as much or more.  We shall see. 

Kugler said in announcing he was going to start Metz, that he was a guy who goes with the hot hand.  I hope he allows Metz's hand to be hot.

The Word should give us probably another not so realistic look at where the team stands.  A win will not really tell us much.  A loss will make it much more clear.  They seem to be a fairly balance attacking team, so our defense should get a chance at both aspects of the game to prove itself.  What is a drag, is that if we are powering the ball on the ground as we should, Metz may not get the chance to go downfield, because it isn't necessary.  What would be ideal, for me anyway, would for Kugler to be able to run, but show the newly found desire to allow his quarterback to pass the damned ball.  If I see that, I think we might even give the better teams in our conference a tussle.
September 20, 2015, 10:56:32 AM by kyyote
Views: 524 | Comments: 11

I wouldn't be happy about getting into a fight with an eighth grade kid half my size and winning the fight, especially when it was a punch that I didn't mean to throw that caused him to stumble backwards, off-balance, falling into a curb that knocked him out to finish the fight.  Losing the fight would be too bad to even think about.  But, waking up to two black eyes, a broken nose, bloody, swollen lips, a teeth knocked out, all by an eighth grader would really cause me to question my ability to fight.
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