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March 13, 2017, 03:49:54 PM by MinerManiac | Views: 607 | Comments: 3

Here are some random thoughts on Coach Floyd, presented in no particular order:

- One thing that Floyd has done is prove himself to be great at crisis management.  I can think of two seasons where Floyd has done a masterful job of coaching, though in each case it was only for part of the season: 2013-14 and 2016-17.  In the former, the team started the season needing McKenzie Moore to play and play well in order to have any shot at a win.  After he, Crossgile, and Ragland were kicked off of the team in the gambling scandal, it looked like the Miners' season was over.  This seemed especially true as three players were playing out of position - C.J. Cooper (a 2 playing the 1 spot), Julian Washburn (a 3 playing the 2), and Vince Hunter (a 4 playing the 3) - and we had no depth in backcourt, requiring the Jones brothers to join the team.  However, Floyd was able to convince us that a team doesn't really need guards, and made a nice run in conference, turning that season around.  And, of course, we know what happened this season, recovering from a 12 game losing streak, many of those losses against incredibly weak teams, to become one the conference's best teams by season's end.  Other than these two (partial) seasons, can anyone point to me a year that you can say that Floyd proved his worth as a coach?

- Back to this season: the Miners came into this season completely unprepared, and started 2-13 as a result, losing to the likes of NAU, SE Louisiana, and MD Eastern Shore.  At one point they might have been the worst team in Div 1 basketball.  That's on Coach Floyd.  They then went 13-4, earning a top four seed in the conference tournament.  Coach Floyd does, obviously, deserve a lot credit for that turnaround.  So how do we grade his performance for the year?  Well, he finished 15-17.  I don't really think that he should earn a gold star for this season.

- As has been noted in several threads, when Floyd's "cavalry" arrives, we will be oversigned by at least two, and as many as five, players.  And, if I'm not mistaken, he first made his cavalry comment when Adrian Moore was still on the team, which would have made this situation even worse.  This, however, is not a new phenomenon: Floyd has over-recruited every single year that he's been here.  Were you hoping that one of our young guards on the bench might develop over time?  Too bad, they won't be here next season.  They will end up transferring out, by Floyd's design.  Yet, if a guy that Floyd wants keep, say Paul Thomas, were to transfer out, you'd hear Floyd crying about Millenials and the "transfer epidemic", and have some fans bemoaning Floyd's bad luck.  Floyd's issues with transfers isn't the result of an epidemic or rotten luck, but simply the man reaping what he sows.

- Speaking of Floyd's "cavalry": have we seen any source, other than Floyd, that is so high on this class?  I certainly hope that these guys can live up to that billing, but, as with all of Floyd's classes, I am taking a wait-and-see approach.

- Floyd's second half of the season coaching job brought him back in the favor of the administration (with whom he may never have been out of favor) and several of the fans and boosters who were questioning him before he made that run.  This means that his job is safe and secure for at least another year.  Does it deserve to be?  Not in my book.  But I would love for Floyd and the team to prove me wrong.
February 07, 2017, 10:08:38 AM by kyyote
Views: 1044 | Comments: 16

I lost interest in renewing my seats a couple of years ago. I have made it no secret that I think Kugler was classless in how he took the reins.  I have also been very critical of his refusal to pass the football.  With the losses, the thrill of victory was gone and the style of play, I just wasn't into it enough to get that cold anymore.  So, I was asking myself if it would matter if the team was winning?  My answer seemed to be I don't think so.  I would be happier if we were winning, but I still don't think I would go sit in the cold to watch it.  I am wondering if I am the only one that feels that way.  Ticket sales.  Would they go up a whole bunch?  If the team won 7 games?
February 05, 2017, 01:52:12 AM by MinersWon | Views: 770 | Comments: 7

I had to dust off my old PC that has the software haha...


January 23, 2017, 10:50:39 AM by Chanson
Views: 631 | Comments: 1

For this entry I want to leave off the JRs & SRs and concentrate on our future.

Touchet Soph- Kid works hard & is a very smart player, but is not a starter. He can't hit open shots & under estimates better talent. At his size he needs to hit his shots. Once he can do that, he will get better defenders which opens up our other kids.
Venegas Soph- This kid is not talented and really doesn't have a game, but he fills the gaps well and fights for that position in the paint. I would be happy with more play time, but only 1-2min at a time. Great energy.
Thomas Soph- STUD. This kids confidence has taken over. He has picked up his defense, is getting those important rebounds, has great moves in the paint, has kept the fouls under control & can hit the 12-15ft jumper. This is the 4★ we all were waiting to see. I love the kid. 
Barrett Fr- We know he is quick, can shoot, has OK defense, & is a distributor 1st and a shooter 2nd. He needs to drive to the hoop more so he not only opens up others, but it will force defenders to play back on him and he might be able to get more long shots off. He will get better.
Jones Fr- Yes he's clumsy, doesn't have a jump shot, & misses defensive assignments often, but you have to admit he is special. The kid moves VERY WELL for a big man, he is a powerful presence in the paint, & he flat out hustles. He runs the floor as good as anyone on the court. A few post moves and learning to control the fouls will drop jaws. Just keep bringing in those rebounds.
Barnes Fr- I think he doesn't play enough. CTF only puts him in when we are playing 1on1, because he doesn't do zone very well. He is a big, quick, & strong guard and throws off defender with strong post moves in the paint. He also needs to work on his jumper. I hope he stays.
Cameron Fr- The kid is going through a tough time with the loss of his father on Christmas day & it's good to see him back. This kid is a crowd favorite. He is super athletic, plays lock down 1on1 D, & probably has the best footwork in this list. This kid just lacks confidence and once he understands his ability is superior to the others on the court, he will shine. I hope he gets more playing time, because this kid is an ESPN 4★ player and can make that switch like Thomas did.

All this being said, I am very worried. I'm not worried about this year. I wrote this year off a long time ago. I am worried about some great talent leaving. I'm also know not all kids that signed the LOI will not be here. It happens every year and don't have enough schollies to support who will be here. Kids coming in are Wade, Osborne, Williams, Smith, Gilyard, & McGee. Wade & Osborne are already here taking courses and it appears they will be on the team next year. Will they be schollied players? I don't know. Also, Wade has not been on the side lines as of late. Has he been home for the holidays and waited until Monday to get here or has he made plans to attend another school? Who knows, but we must be prepared.
Williams is supposed to be an Omar Thomas/Lee Moore type of explosive offensive player. We don't have that now and I hope the kid makes it here. Gilyard seems to be the PG with that "IT" factor and seeing Youtube on this kid shows exactly that. The kid moves like Omega with better control, is a really good shooter, and commands a superior defender on him. He is probably the #1 player coming in. McGee is also supposed to be a pretty good PG, but little film is on him. So, I just don't know how good he is. The only big man coming in is Smith. The kid is big, strong, bulky, and has that "hair on his chest." From looking at the little film available, he shows that he is slow, has poor footwork, and film only shows power dunks while he is solo under the hoop. I think he is the least talented player coming in, but the Miners need a big man & if he does in does make it to campus, he will get Red Shirted for sure.
We have 10 schollied players now with Artis leaving. If I'm not mistaken, we can only have 14 schollies per year which leaves 5. 6 new players are coming in. Someone will need to either play as a walk on or we lose someone. What makes sense to me would be either Willms or Flaggert will play as a walk on and then CTF keeps them the next year like Caldwell is doing this year.

That, of course, is MY plan. History shows we lose kids. Well, we lost Adrian Moore and Terry Winn early. I hope that is it. CTF, Stull, & the media are billing next year to be a good year. Does that mean we have 20 wins, but no post season play? I sure as hell hope not.

Go Miners

December 31, 2016, 11:47:30 AM by kuhlero
Views: 1646 | Comments: 11

wish him the best, can't wait to hear him say "Aaron Jones the 915" or "Aaron Jones UTEP'.
November 13, 2016, 10:15:49 AM by Chanson
Views: 1115 | Comments: 6

I have to say I didn't expect to see UTEP turn on the gas with almost every player on the team.

So we played a Division III team last night in Louisiana College. This was not a very good team compared to the exhibition games we played last week. LA College was a team of guards and small forwards. They were fast and moved the ball a lot. That being said, our guards kept that team on a tight leash. Artis almost had a triple double, Omega easily scores 24 points, and even Barrett had two 3 pointers and about 8 assists. Willms showed up to play, but when you are playing another team that is not thick and the tallest kid is 6'6", you are going to dominate the boards and the paint. Thomas & Jones both got in foul trouble early, but we expected it when bigs have to guard down. Our biggest problem is turning the ball over and our guards are mostly to blame.
I would have to say that my favorite part of the game is when CTF played Flaggert, Jones, Barnes, Cameron, & Barrett for about 5min. Not only did they hold, but they outscored the opponent. That says a lot for a JR and 4 Freshmen. The things we have improved upon compared to last year are free throws, more assists, & making the easy under the basket shots.

Super Studs
Artis- One of the top 25 PG in the country (my opinion)
Omega- The kid made the fewest mistakes, fasted kid on a court, & scored the most
Barrett- Proud to say this is our starting PG for the next 3yrs. This kid played well against other guards
Winn- The hardest worker on the court.
Willms- The short time he played he was very efficient. He played against a very small team and adjusted his speed to keep up.

Need more time
Thomas- The kid is really improving, but his game was thrown off, because we played a VERY small team.
Jones- Didn't have Willms smarts to take advantage of smaller players.
Flaggert- The kid is good on D, but needs to learn how to get open for the jumper. He is deadly from beyond the arc.
Touchet- the kid is very confident, but needs to protect the rock better & needs to hit his jumpers with frequency
Barnes- I like him more and more. He plays very relaxed, but was open for jumpers a few times and drove instead of shot.
Cameron- Great defender and his offense is improving. He hit a 3 in the game. He needs to drive & show that athleticism.
Venegas- played a little and was busy, but not really productive
Moore- I don't remember seeing him in the game at all. This kid may be a red shirt.

It will be interesting to see how the Miners transition next week with Wake Forrest. CTF has played Danny Manning a few times when he was with Tulsa and knows how he plays. Our guard play will be as good as if not better, but unless Willms plays more minutes, they will have the advantage with the big men.
November 10, 2016, 12:58:35 PM by Chanson
Views: 1988 | Comments: 18

I've been reading a few websites and saw that Floyd has announced Osborne 6'5" SF, Wade 6'5" SF, Smith 6'8" SF & McGee 6' PG. As you all already know, Wade and Osborne are already taking courses at UTEP now, so we know they will be playing next year (unless they chase a girl to a JUCO).

Tirus Smith- I don't have much info, but this kid is supposed to be a bruiser averaging per game 17pts, 11reb, & 3blks. He was committed to Ole Miss, but changed. He is built like Marlon Maxie and has big hands. I'll have more later on this kid.

Wade is supposed to be a tremendous talent that averaged 19pts & 7.5reb his Sr year. Floyd is as high on this kid as he has been with the likes of Hunter, JWash, etc. If he has that kind of talent, then I can't wait to see the kid play.

Osborne is a Canadian white boy that has crazy athletic skills. We saw him play at the Orange/White scrimmage and while he is quick and can really jump, he is a horrible shooter and didn't seem used to the speed. I feel he has work to do.

McGee made me angre. He won't like me when I'm angry. Ha, had to put that in there. Of course I'm kidding, but this kid is a 3pt machine with .421 average from the arc and averaged 18pts per game. He is also quick & will pass before he shoots.

These 4 were under the radar players and not really recognized by any of the scouting sites. There are still 3 more players listed as verbal commits and they are Roderick Williams 6'5" JUCO SF 3★, Gilyard 5'10" 2.5★ PG, and Brewer 6'6" SF. There are still about 6 others that are being recruited hard that range from 6'9" to 7'2". I heard CTF really wants 1 more big man and is looking for one with footwork skills a la Moultrie, Caracter, Antonio Davis, etc. So... what does this mean? With only 2 available scholly's next year we are looking at up to about 7 recruits and that equals a combo of scenarios.

1) We will lose some kids.
2) Not all recruits will wear orange. Again, our best bet for talent is under the radar talent and that means taking chances with eligibility &/or losing to other schools, etc.
3) No shows & kids that don't fit in. We saw this with that kid that was Hunters cousin, Watts, etc.

I really like the talent I see in this years freshmen class in Jones, Barnes, Cameron, & Barrett. I'm still skeptical on Moore & Osborne. I also think we will see Willms scholly be available. I think if he is un healthy, he will have no choice. He also might take the roll of what Caldwell did and play on his own next year with the promise of coach paying for the follow year in the operations side.

Lots of things can and will happen and I understand why. What I am concentrating on now is what you all are looking at and that is what is this year going to bring. I seriously like the talent. While a lot of it is raw, I haven't seen this combo of talent since 2011. The difference was in 2011 that talent was in the form of SR's. We have 3 super talents in Artis, Omega, & Winn. Luckily only one of those will leave after this year. Omega & Artis will need to get that timing and learn to make those around them better. Winn needs to fit into the 3 position a little smoother. Thomas needs to loosen up and keep playing hard. I'm not sure which I like more between Barnes & Jones. Both of them play very loose and are making the mistakes I like to see. What I mean by that is the mistakes that can be adjusted quickly like one to many passes, one to many moves, going left instead of right, post moving out instead of in. Those are quick adjustments and one step shy of a confident player. Winn went through that last year. Barrett really didn't make so many mistakes, but also didn't push to make himself or others better. Cameron is really good with his footwork and plays GREAT defense, but his offense is the exact opposite. Post moves and his hands need to advance. Flaggert & Touchet are role players that need to assist especially when the talent struggles or are double teamed. The best walk on we have is Venegas and he has short bursts of hard play when he is in. His playing time needs to stay short, but effective.

I guess we will see what our team can do Saturday night. If our guards are given the green light to run and gun, we will win convincingly. I have a feeling CTF will want the guards to work the big men in which the game will be tight & the fans will think we suck.

Go Miners
October 31, 2016, 10:10:00 AM by Chanson
Views: 1645 | Comments: 17

Not very many people showed up, but it was great to see the kids work with each other and work on that timing.

The 1st half was not pretty at all. We saw most of the starters play with Thomas, Winn, Flaggert, Omega, & Artis. Winn & Omega are our best players right now. Those two would be welcome on any team in the country. Flaggert & Thomas get my vote for most improved. Flaggert has picked up his defense (thank God) and will be deadly from beyond the arc. Thomas is not afraid to make mistakes and he looks so much more comfortable in the post on both side of the court. Artis had me scratching my head. I know he is an advanced athlete, but I couldn't figure if he was just off or trying to get his team going. He should be fine and will no doubt be the best PG in the conference. While we are still working on our timing, SE OK St was very well coached. The players were not as athletic as ours, but they worked the court well and their timing was better than ours. The last 10 minutes of the game is when I saw the Miners separate themselves from the opponent which is a very good sign.
Then there were the newbies and I have to say I loved what I saw for the most part.

Here is what I saw.

Osborne, Willms, Barrett, & some other kid I didn't recognize sat out and didn't play. I know Osborne is out & they are being careful with Willms, but I don't know the story behind Barrett or the unknown what looked like 6'5" strong looking kid.

Artis- Had some steals, played good D, & hit about a quarter of his shots. Again, he is waiting for timing to come together with other players and he will be great once the rest of the team works well with each other down the road.
Omega- He was a stud. Hit is shots and locked down on D. He could have done more, but I think coaches held him back to get others going. We really could have separated ourselves early from this OK team if he was allowed to light it up. This guy is our best player & made others look like they were playing on skates.
Flaggert- Hit his shots and played good D. If he keeps it up, he will be a silent killer in games. I loved his game (finally). I just wish he would drive more, but then I wished that with JWash and I didn't get my wish.
Thomas- This kid has picked it up. He is looking like a 4* recruit now. He is moving his feet, attacking the rim, & playing good team defense. I really think this kid will come out this year. I still would like him to be more aggressive. Especially with rebounding.
Winn- made some minor mistakes, but he looks good. Yes he lost a pass, missed some buckets at the rim, & looked a little off, but he has a great motor, won loose balls, & had the most rebounds among much taller kids. This guy knows how to use his body & is much quicker than last year.

Now for the non-starters & newbies. We'll start from the 1 to the 5.

Urbanus- Needs work & I hope coach red shirts him. He would get double teamed and he would freak out. He at least didn't throw the ball away and take chances. He needs confidence & that comes with time. CJ Cooper will help him with that.
Touchet- Looks a step better than last year. Very smart player. He still can't hit shots unless his feet are planted. Other than that, he plays hard nose defense plays both PG & SG well. He is not afraid to slash to the rim & even got a few rebounds. I wish Flaggert would drive like he does.
Barnes- Only played a couple of minutes. This kid plays with poise, but seemed he wasn't where he was supposed to be. I think once he understands the play book better, he will play much more. He did have 1 good assist & a 3 pointer.
Cameron- All Miner fans will love this kid. His defense can be compared to JWash. His combo of footwork, strength, height, & motor is awesome. He has super athleticism & has very strong legs. He needs to strengthen his hands & improve his ball skills. This is our lock down defender.
Moore- Needs some work. He can get up and down the court very well, has good defense & understands the play book better than most freshmen. However, he is not a very good shooter & doesn't drive to the rim. He needs more confidence & I hope it comes sooner than later.
Venegas- I like him more and more. He hustles and seems to be the smartest player on the court. He knows where to be and sees the court very well. Luckily he has size, because it makes up for his lack athleticism. Once he knows how to throw his body around he will look a lot more like Ced.
Martinez- At least I think that is his last name. He didn't see much time, but he took advantage of it. He uses his 6'8" heavy body well, but lacks athleticism. He is a fun looking walk on & reminds me of Tafoya in which the team went crazy when he scored. He is one of the trio from Mexico.
Kelvin "THE BEAST" Jones- Yes he fouled out late, but what else do you expect from a freshman big man who likes to bang. This kid is something special. He reminds me of the Plumlee brothers at Duke. This guy fights in the paint and has really good post moves. The kid had an awesome dunk in which his head was above the rim. Who does that unless your name is Anthony Davis? The kid also had a legit block that was called a foul in which he trapped the ball in the middle of board. If this kid stays healthy, the NCAA will know who this kid is towards the end of the season.

I really look forward to seeing these freshmen play. I would have to say this is CTF best recruiting class. Once the timing is put together, the conference will be in for a shock.

October 22, 2016, 09:36:50 PM by kyyote
Views: 1127 | Comments: 6

Kugler has done one thing that I have to give him credit for.  He wants fighters, and tonight it was the fight in the dog that won that dog fight.
October 09, 2016, 07:56:02 AM by kyyote
Views: 1366 | Comments: 6

I have not been impressed with the "no bullshit" straight talker since his Tactless beginning. Here is his take on his team's play;

We missed some tackles in the second half.  It was clear to see, UTEP coach Sean Kugler said after his team gave up 499 yards (258 rushing, 241 passing).  We had them wrapped up in the backfield a few times, especially third downs, third and two, third and three, we didnt finish the tackles and didnt finish plays.

Oh and there's this(regarding the penalty on a pass;

It was a killer one, Kugler said.  That usually results in guys not moving their feet.  But its something that we emphasized all week.  It was a cleaner [game] but again, a big penalty came in a critical situation.

But here comes our broad shouldered coach:

This has got to be fixed by myself and the staff, Kugler said.  I assume full responsibility and I always will, and Ill never give up on these kids.  I hope they stick together and stick with each other and I hope they stick by me because I want a team of fighters and right now I acknowledge were not a good team.  Were 1-5.  We have half a season left.  Theres a lot still to play for.  Its my responsibility to get the most out of the players and Ive got to evaluate myself because right now Im not getting the most out of the players.  That falls on me and I understand that.

Don't you just love it when coaches and politicians take "full responsibility"?  No shit, Sherlock! You recognize that, do you?  Of course you are responsible!  Who did you think WE THOUGHT was responsible?  That is head coaching, right there. WE KNOW WHO IS THE ARCHITECT AND BUILDER of the shack.  We really didn't need you to clear that up for US.  Maybe it was him just now realizing it.  This shit is your shit, Sean!  And the fans aren't confused at all.  We know it isn't the players, and if it is the players you are responsible for them, you idiot!

He is insane!  He is going to stand by his players!?!  You fucking idiot!  He wants a team of fighters!  He has built a one armed team that he puts in the ring to get beaten like a red headed step-child and says he wants fighters!  Seriously. He is not right in the mind.  He isn't getting the most out of his players!  Once again, it is the players.  He kind of takes the blame by blaming them.  It is his fault they aren't playing winning football.  It is my fault that it is their fault.  This has got to be fixed by him and his staff!!  They have to fix the players.  Not the coaching.  Not his stupid one armed offensive philosophy.  Nope.  The coaches have to get to work fixing the players.  That is the way to take responsibility.

 "Its my responsibility to get the most out of the players and Ive got to evaluate myself because right now Im not getting the most out of the players.  That falls on me and I understand that.

You sir, are a fucking idiot.  You time has come and gone.  That shit about not needing to be told, well that was just more bullshit coming from the "NO Bullshit" guy.  I call the No Bullshitter out as being the best no bull bullshitter I've ever seen.  He has that hard guy countenance down pat, doesn't he.  Monday he will be talking about the players.  The team needs to get healthy.  Anyone in the Den want to say why we can't keep healthy enough to field a decent team?  Fucking players.  Kugler and his staff needs to stand by them though.

Sean, there must be a team that needs an offensive line coach.  Time to head over to Kinkos and get some resumes printed up.  You may want to leave off the recent stint in El Paso.  Emphasize your commitment to personal responsibility.
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