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October 22, 2016, 09:36:50 PM by kyyote
Views: 399 | Comments: 6

Kugler has done one thing that I have to give him credit for.  He wants fighters, and tonight it was the fight in the dog that won that dog fight.
October 09, 2016, 07:56:02 AM by kyyote
Views: 620 | Comments: 6

I have not been impressed with the "no bullshit" straight talker since his Tactless beginning. Here is his take on his team's play;

We missed some tackles in the second half.  It was clear to see, UTEP coach Sean Kugler said after his team gave up 499 yards (258 rushing, 241 passing).  We had them wrapped up in the backfield a few times, especially third downs, third and two, third and three, we didnt finish the tackles and didnt finish plays.

Oh and there's this(regarding the penalty on a pass;

It was a killer one, Kugler said.  That usually results in guys not moving their feet.  But its something that we emphasized all week.  It was a cleaner [game] but again, a big penalty came in a critical situation.

But here comes our broad shouldered coach:

This has got to be fixed by myself and the staff, Kugler said.  I assume full responsibility and I always will, and Ill never give up on these kids.  I hope they stick together and stick with each other and I hope they stick by me because I want a team of fighters and right now I acknowledge were not a good team.  Were 1-5.  We have half a season left.  Theres a lot still to play for.  Its my responsibility to get the most out of the players and Ive got to evaluate myself because right now Im not getting the most out of the players.  That falls on me and I understand that.

Don't you just love it when coaches and politicians take "full responsibility"?  No shit, Sherlock! You recognize that, do you?  Of course you are responsible!  Who did you think WE THOUGHT was responsible?  That is head coaching, right there. WE KNOW WHO IS THE ARCHITECT AND BUILDER of the shack.  We really didn't need you to clear that up for US.  Maybe it was him just now realizing it.  This shit is your shit, Sean!  And the fans aren't confused at all.  We know it isn't the players, and if it is the players you are responsible for them, you idiot!

He is insane!  He is going to stand by his players!?!  You fucking idiot!  He wants a team of fighters!  He has built a one armed team that he puts in the ring to get beaten like a red headed step-child and says he wants fighters!  Seriously. He is not right in the mind.  He isn't getting the most out of his players!  Once again, it is the players.  He kind of takes the blame by blaming them.  It is his fault they aren't playing winning football.  It is my fault that it is their fault.  This has got to be fixed by him and his staff!!  They have to fix the players.  Not the coaching.  Not his stupid one armed offensive philosophy.  Nope.  The coaches have to get to work fixing the players.  That is the way to take responsibility.

 "Its my responsibility to get the most out of the players and Ive got to evaluate myself because right now Im not getting the most out of the players.  That falls on me and I understand that.

You sir, are a fucking idiot.  You time has come and gone.  That shit about not needing to be told, well that was just more bullshit coming from the "NO Bullshit" guy.  I call the No Bullshitter out as being the best no bull bullshitter I've ever seen.  He has that hard guy countenance down pat, doesn't he.  Monday he will be talking about the players.  The team needs to get healthy.  Anyone in the Den want to say why we can't keep healthy enough to field a decent team?  Fucking players.  Kugler and his staff needs to stand by them though.

Sean, there must be a team that needs an offensive line coach.  Time to head over to Kinkos and get some resumes printed up.  You may want to leave off the recent stint in El Paso.  Emphasize your commitment to personal responsibility.
October 03, 2016, 11:56:10 AM by SisyphusMiner | Views: 569 | Comments: 8

Let's just hire the entire SHSU coaching staff intact.  Why not take the chance that they can transfer what they do there to us here?  What, really, have we got to lose?
Hell, I'd consider one of the top 6A high school coaching staffs.  Maybe they could bring some of their athletes, which honestly is better than most of our talent.
September 25, 2016, 05:27:27 AM by SisyphusMiner | Views: 486 | Comments: 6

Kugler ball is a complete failure.  The premise that he can recruit huge but underrecruited guys and teach them how to impose their will on the line is a complete failure.  Our O line keeps having their keister handed to them.  We play most of the game with a QB that's clearly still not right.  This is exactly Price ball only with the run.
September 20, 2016, 06:04:12 AM by MinerInWisconsin | Views: 1454 | Comments: 26

Should Kugler be canned? This is his 4th season and his team should be ready to compete well in a pretty weak C-USA.

The only bad thing about getting yet another new staff is that everything starts over. A new HC will have his own 4 - 5 year plan and he will have to recruit his type of players, yada, yada, yada.

September 10, 2016, 05:20:15 PM by SisyphusMiner | Views: 1336 | Comments: 27

Wow, we're only a couple minutes in, but we are so outclassed.
July 11, 2016, 09:00:16 PM by kyyote
Views: 669 | Comments: 1

playing for Memphis.

Vince Hunter AND Washburn with the Clippers and doing well;

Hunter-2016 LAC 3 0 12.7 0.333 0.000 0.667 2 8 3.3 0.7 0.0 0.3 1.00 2.33 5.3
Washburn-2016 LAC 4 0 10.5 0.364 0.286 0.000 1 5 1.5 0.0 0.2 0.0 0.50 0.50 2.5

Stone with the Bucks;

2016 MIL 2 0 22.0 0.300 0.400 0.750 0 5 2.5 3.5 3.0 0.5 1.50 3.00 5.5

Snooping around, I noticed that Stone is playing for Asst. Coach Greg Foster
Further snooping shows Stone had a horrible night tonight.  The Bucks played the Grizzlies and Culpepper DNP (Coach's Decision) but HUNTER had a night.  Seven rebounds and 17 points in 26+ minutes.
June 07, 2016, 11:21:25 AM by kuhlero
Views: 713 | Comments: 2

This pick up is huge,  a former Elite 11 QB, was watching game film on this kid and he has the potential with the offensive line we have to put up big numbers. Throw in Aaron Jones, and we could be putting up big numbers on game day, hopefully our defense holds their own.

How long till football season????
June 06, 2016, 10:30:06 AM by Chanson
Views: 1362 | Comments: 8

The 2016 basketball recruiting class that is.

I have confirmations from tweets and various sources that Barrett, Moore, Barnes, & Cameron are on campus and should be registering for the Summer 1 session. I didn't get anything about K. Jones, but he only lives a few hours away and I am not worried about that kid at all.
Anyway, all 5 kids will be Freshmen and all with 4 years of eligibility. We all obviously have our expectations on Jones, but the two other kids I have my eye on are Moore and Cameron. Those two will be our wing/slasher players we need desperately that Lee Moore left and also that JWash & Flaggert fell short.

Artis (1), Omega(2), Flaggert(3), Winn(4), & Willms(5) will be the starters with Touchet, Moore, Cameron, & Jones being the immediate back ups. I think Thomas should gain that confidence come middle of the season while Barrett, Barnes, & Silva will be in the wings learning and possibly red shirting. I'm betting Venegas sees time between Willms, Thomas, Winn & Jones.
May 28, 2016, 07:40:16 PM by kuhlero
Views: 2259 | Comments: 14

Why Buddha transferred. ..
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