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Today at 12:29:02 PM by USAFminersfan | Views: 19 | Comments: 0

April 27, 2016, 11:04:51 AM by Chanson
Views: 536 | Comments: 15

OK, this is obviously theoretical, but that is what this site is for. Plus, the other post I put up caught a ton of outside attention and I wanted to keep this among the loyal Den true members.

2014 could have been great, but we struggled with perimeter play.
2015 could have been great, but we struggled with post play.

The even mix is there know with what we have. Ced, Wash, & Hunter found a way to be good, but couldn't close. We lose them and we found ways to win with a star studded back court, but couldn't close. We only lost Morris and Moore, but gained a lot more with some interior players. Until I see actual proof that Omega is gone, then I am counting him as playing next year. That being said, we have experience coming back and I seriously like what I see.

Artis- This is our modern day Hardaway (you like that, huh). He had his struggles, but who doesn't with a new team.
Omega- Takes the place of Moore and we all know he can with his speed (preferably controlled).
McSwiggan- Not proven, but his experience and maturity equals that of Moore & Morris. We all have seen his footage against superior players on a global scale. He sat on the side of D1 ball for a year, like Winn.
Winn- Proven stud and we have him for another 3yrs
K.Jones- Sat on the side for a year & was THE reason for a state championship. This guy is coming as Ced after 2yrs.
Willms- Knows he needs to avoid injury and won't be as reckless on the court. This guy shut down Trzuski from AZ. He is good.

Flaggert- Can't drive, but can do everything else
Bhudda- Will have all offseason to work on footwork and post moves. He will be effective.
Thomas- Played like he didn't know the system or speed of the game. He does now and when he was on, he showed that he was good.
Touchet- Can fill the 1 through 3 positions and I loved how this kid was not afraid. Coaches love this kid
Barrett, Cameron, & Barnes will be limited, but Barrett plays like a water bug while Cameron is a Moore type of player, but needs the D1 experience to get better.
Silva- I'm hoping will Red Shirt, especially with the nice size we already have.

We have the right mix and can make up for the losses with a lot more options in the paint. If we can get back to the CTF standard defensive play like we saw in 2014, we win the CUSA tournament.
April 16, 2016, 10:47:23 PM by kuhlero
Views: 954 | Comments: 23
April 16, 2016, 02:16:51 PM by Chanson
Views: 110 | Comments: 0

I was at the game with my younger son and I witnessed a lot more good than bad.

Last years issue with corner backs is resolved. As a matter of a fact, the Defense looked spectacular. It was very difficult to spot play makers on either side of the ball unless you are a QB. So, here is what my perspective was on the game.

Best- Defense- except for goal line, everyone looked fantastic and were very quick to get to the ball.
Worst- Receivers- These guys couldn't catch a cold. Wow do they need some work on "catch, secure, & move."

     QB- Johnson looked like he wanted the job. The kid can move well, can throw well, but needs to work with his receiving crew on where to be and positioning. Metz looked improved, but still needs work.
     RB- Everyone looked like they will contribute. The Miners had a healthy combo of quick and strong working behind the QB. We will need to be deep in this area if the Receivers don't pick it up.
     Receivers- Can't catch the ball. A lot of dropped balls and footwork along with missed cues looked to be an issue. Pease really has his work cut out for him.
     Oline- Looked pretty good. I saw 1 clear sack along with a few other touch and go situations. I like the direction they are going especially with the run and at goal line situations.

     Dline- Held there own against a pretty big Oline. I didn't see much pressure on the QB and plugging the holes looked OK, but overall, they are on the right track.
     LB- Very quick much better tackling. This is the shinning star of our defense and if we stay away from injury, we will be in for a treat.
     CB- This area looked to be much improved. The only issue I have is since the receivers looks so terrible, the corners either were rock stars or were playing against an inferior opponent.
     S- Against the run they were very quick to respond and didn't allow big plays to happen. Against the throw it is the same response as with the CB. Either they were rock stars or inferior opposition didn't test them.

Obviously there were no special teams playing and this aspect can make or break a team. I hope Kug is not taking this area lightly.

Overall the only downside was the throwing game. That has got to change and very soon. My favorite QB was Johnson. The kid looked to have all the tools. He will need to work with receivers more push them to give some effort. The defense was solid and allowed only a couple of 1st downs and no big plays. If we all can remember, the chunk plays are what killed us the last few years and I think the speed of this defense core stopped that bleeding.

I'd love to hear other thoughts on those who were able to see the scrimmage.

Go Miners
March 24, 2016, 01:20:02 PM by Chanson
Views: 750 | Comments: 12

This is a shocker to me. Rush states he is being recruited for his perimeter defense, but the ESPN write up I cut and pasted here suggests otherwise. I really think this kid has fantastic raw talent, but damn does he have issues. He has been at 4 high schools in 4yrs. This offer tells me a couple of things.
1) Cameron may not be wearing an orange jersey next year.
2) We might be losing a perimeter player. (I'm thinking Flaggert)

This is a HUGE risk CTF is taking and it seems it will take this kid a few years to sharpen up his turn over ratio, footwork, ball skills, and attitude. I'll keep my finger on the pulse of this particular development as it unfolds.

Here is the ESPN write up on the kid.

 Barnes is an explosive guard-type who is evolving as a basketball player. His burst off the dribble is special and he can separate from his defender with ease. He can either explode to the rim for the dunk or stop on a dime and nail the jump shot. He gets great lift on his jump shot and his shot has improved overall in the past year. His rebounding in traffic is impressive and he is a one-man fast break once he leads the break.

 Barnes needs to work on his decision making. Utilizing the jump stop will be essential in his development. There are many times he forces the issue, which leads to many turnovers or an ill-advised shot. Recognizing what the defense is giving him and making the appropriate basketball play will enhance his stock. Improving his ball handling against pressure and adding mid-range scoring skills (floater, pull-up, etc.) will improve his game. Defensively, there are many areas that need attention: bending his knees, sliding his feet, and utilizing his length to be a lock-down defender. He is solid playing the passing lanes and he can block the occasional shot at the rim, but overall his perimeter defense needs attention.

Bottom Line:
 Barnes is a major talent and has the physical tools to be a Division I player. However, his decision making on and off the court (four high schools in four years) needs to improve.
March 18, 2016, 03:52:37 PM by kyyote
Views: 1233 | Comments: 26

I am going to stick my neck out there.  We have held the title for 50 years.  This year, anniversary of the event was celebrated nationally and at home, and more importantly was the changes that game brought about in the millions of everyday thoughts and actions that take place daily that began with the trickle that turned into an eventually sea of change.  That can never be taken from UTEP's roots, nor will "it" ever be "broken".  Never.  Ever.

As for the only Champion from the state of Texas, I believe it is time to end that(ducking).  I do not believe it does us any good to be the tallest person at the Little People's convention(as please don't make me politically incorrect of that one). What I would rather see is Texas schools, especially UTEP duking it out for the National Championship every year.  I want Texas to be where it is at, and UTEP to have been the pioneer and best of the best of the Texas schools.
March 05, 2016, 09:48:24 AM by kyyote
Views: 1022 | Comments: 16

in the Post-Haskins Era.  The second part of the question is who was responsible for bringing them to UTEP.  Stone has been to the NBA as has Moultrie.  Hunter isn't there yet, but I believe he will be soon, as he is tearing it up in the NBA D league.  There have been a number of players who have done well in Europe, and I would have loved to have seen Culpepper get a chance to play against the D league players.  So, part one, which player since The Bear has been the best to don the Orange and Blue, and part two who brought in the best player?

February 04, 2016, 10:06:37 PM by kyyote
Views: 641 | Comments: 7

That's pretty much it.  Well, I'll throw in a Holy Shit!
February 04, 2016, 06:00:59 AM by EPTAKE5
Views: 693 | Comments: 8

Toggle to Graphic display. Hold for 2 seconds to lock graphic mode

Signing day

UTEP lands 24 signees



UTEP coach Sean Kugler’s fourth signing day press conference, one that introduced 24 Miners-to-be Wednesday to the Miner Athletic Club, began in a slightly different manner than his previous three.

This time around, he didn’t have to explain a class rated poorly by recruiting services.

Part of that is because by now the list of previous zero-star recruits who have turned into UTEP stars is fairly well established and proven. Part of that is because the 2016 crop is by far his most highly rated group — eighth in Conference USA by a site that for the previous three years ranked UTEP last in the league.

Most importantly, the biggest reason UTEP’s class has overachieved the past few seasons, a preponderance of underrecruited El Pasoans, reached a new high Wednesday.

“We kept seven players home, we’re not going to get all of them, but these guys we’re very excited about,” Kugler said. “We’ve signed 17 since we’ve been here and we’re going to continue that, it’s where recruiting starts for us. It’s not just lip service.”

The local list is headed by El Paso’s player of the year, Richie Rodriguez, the state’s leading 6A receiver out of Eastwood High. It also includes the player throwing him all those passes, Trooper



Continued from Page 1C

quarterback Mark Torrez, Montwood defensive lineman Josh Ortega and offensive lineman Bobby Deharo, Chapin receiver Brannon Bullitt, Parkland defensive lineman Christian Johnson and Americas defensive back Eric Foster.

“Josh Ortega is one of the best defensive tackles in the city and West Texas and Bobby is a talented offensive lineman,” Montwood football coach Chuck Veliz said. “Sean Kugler and his staff have done a great job of identifying the talent in El Paso. The past couple of years have provided two of the best recruiting classes in the past several years.”

As for the rest of the class, it has 23 high school players and one junior college offensive lineman. It has 12 defensive players evenly distributed between linemen, linebackers and defensive backs, and 12 offensive players.

“You’re going to hear me use a lot of the same words,” Kugler said when introducing each of his 24 players. “I’m going to use words like ‘production.’ We have players who produced. I’m going to use words like, ‘versatility.’ The more players can do the more the team will be successful. I’ll use words like, ‘physicality.’ That’s what our program is built around. We’ve upgraded our quickness.

“We signed the Texas Class 4A player of the year (Kennedale’s Quardraiz Wadley), we signed the El Paso player of the year.”

Nineteen of the 24 players are from Texas, including the highest rated player in the class, three-star defensive end Keith Sullivan from Aldine Davis in the Houston area. The other biggest prospect is running back Antonio Dupree from Baltimore, one of four running backs in this class.

While talking about each player, Kugler told a story about Kevin Dove, a 250-pound running back from El Campo. “I asked him what he likes to do when he’s not playing football and he said he breaks horses,” Kugler said. “I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘I break horses. Wild horses, I tame them.’ He had scars all over his legs, ‘This is where I got kicked.’ I said, ‘You’ll be perfect.’ “ On Wadley, who rushed for 45 touchdowns as a senior, Kugler compared him to current Miner star Aaron Jones.

“But when Aaron Jones came out of high school, he was 165 pounds. Wadley weighs 180,” Kugler said. “If you go way back, he has some John Harvey in him, too.”

Harvey set the school’s rushing record in 1988, one Jones could break in 2016.

As for next year, UTEP has a new recruiting coordinator in Don Yanowsky, Kugler announced Wednesday. The previous coordinator, secondary coach Gabe Franklin, has left for his alma mater Boise State.

“I’m giving the guys off until Monday, then we start on next year,” Kugler said.

They have some new toys to do it with.

Bret Bloomquist may be reached at 546-6151; bbloomquist@elpasotimes. com; @bretbloomquist on Twitter.

Tiano Tialavea_

Keith Sullivan_

Justin Rogers_

Sione Tupou__

Walter Dawn_

Kevin Dove_

Mark Torrez__

Christian Johnson

Josh Ortega__

Eric Foster Joseph Pickney___

Dylan Parsee__

Kolbi McGary

Amorama Noel__

Ronald Awatt___

Jared Goldwire_

UTEP head coach Sean Kugler announces his 2016 recruiting class at the Larry Durham Center Wednesday afternoon. The class includes 24 signees; 19 are from Texas, with seven of those coming from El Paso.


“We kept seven players home, we’re not going to get all of them, but these guys we’re very excited about.”



Broderick Harrell Dedrick Simpson_ Brannon Bullitt_ Antonio Dupree_ Tanner Stallings___ Richie Rodriguez Quardraiz Wadley_ Bobby Deharo_
Copyright (c)2016 elpasotimes, Edition 2/4/2016
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December 21, 2015, 11:09:23 PM by NMSU sucks | Views: 1577 | Comments: 19

Norfolk State really???????? Really??????? Year 6 and you get dominated by Norfolk State.  6 years here and UT Arlington has a better basketball program than us.  Please go cause you are stinking up the Don Haskins Center.
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